Terms and Conditions

We as a company are not responsible for the artwork after the customer’s approval. The confirmation of the artwork is required, before any order can be processed. Within the process of impression, sometimes light or minor defects may appear, like dots or small lines in the final printed product. Final product can incur a variation of less than 10% in color, quantity, size, and finishing . Fine print (white) may have a Variation in color. Cancellation of an order is only permitted, prior to the order going to press. Customer will be obligated to pay a minimum cancellation fee of $15.00 (for processing) and any artwork fees that have been incurred during the processing of his order. Customer will not hold us liable for any delays or risks incurred from using the courier company, responsible for transporting his order. If customer requests to place his order on hold and do not continue to process the order within the first 90 days after purchase order date, then customer will forfeit his order, as well as any payment made towards that order. Agreement to the present terms and conditions by the purchaser authorizes us to process the above order as originally entered.